Hotel Forsthaus Nürnberg Fürth Wald
Forest preserve Fuerth

The green heart of the city

The large municipal forest of Fuerth with 560 hectar of forest and local recreation area  directly on the borders of the Hotel Forsthaus Nuremberg Fuerth. A dense network of paved forest lanes, common forest trails and narrow paths guides the visitors through the forest and provides opportunities for recreation. Whether you prefer to go for a stroll or want to exercise; besides hiking, jogging, Nordic walking and mountain biking you can also go climbing in quarries, pick berries and mushrooms or simply enjoy nature—the forest of Fuerth is the perfect place for all those activities.

Our tip: a 3 km long parkours arranged in a circle with 15 stops, which starts right in front of the Hotel Forsthaus Nuremberg Fuerth and leads through the forest.

Another popular destination for family trips is the wild boar park of the municipal forest, which is only  a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Young and old alike can observe wild boars from a safe distance at any time of the year—and with a little luck you will even get to see some wild boar piglets between spring and late summer. Then you will have the chance to take a closeer look at the cute young boars with their striped fur and their mothers, as the entire preserve can be circled by foot in 15 to 20 minutes.