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History of the Hotel Forsthaus Nuremberg Fuerth

The history of the Hotel Forsthaus Nuremberg Fuerth

The Hotel Forsthaus was built by the entrepreneur Max Grundig in the late 1970s. Max Grundig (born May 7, 1908 in Nuremberg; died December 8, 1989 in Baden-Baden) was the founder and owner of the electronics group of the same name, Grundig AG in Fuerth.

He was one of the most important economic pioneers of the Federal Republic of Germany and, as an honorary citizen of Fuerth, lived on the top floor in the Hotel Forsthaus. At that time, his spacious and well-guarded apartment served Max Grundig as protection from the RAF.

The history of Max Grundig can still be experienced today. For example, the possibility to hold exclusive events or conferences in the historic "Max Grundig Library".

Residences of Max Grundig

Max Grundig had several hotels built during his acve professional life. In addion to the Hotel Forsthaus in Fuerth, he also built the following hotels:

Schloßhotel Bühlerhöhe in Bühl, including a medical clinic

Hotel Plättig in Bühl

Hotel Schloß Fuschl in Salzburg/ Austria

Jagdhof in Hof near Salzburg/ Austria

Hotel Baderluck in Hof near Salzburg / Austria

Vista Palace Hotel in Grande Corniche near Roquebrune/ Cap Martin – France

Grundig himself initially had a private villa, the so-called Grundig Villa, built in Fuerth-Dambach in 1967. The hotels in the other cities often served Grundig as interim residences for business and short vacation trips. From the beginning of 1978, Grundig was still registered as the main resident in his villa in Dambach, but in fact he changed his residence at the end of 1977 to the Hotel Forsthaus, which had just been completed. The reason for the move was the potential threat to the entrepreneur as an alleged kidnapping victim by the Red Army Faction (RAF) at the time. Although he had already had a nuclear fallout shelter and panic room installed in his villa, Grundig instead moved into the two upper floors of the hotel in the street Zum Vogelsang from the end of 1977 / beginning of 1978.

He had his own elevator and several surveillance cameras and structural security measures, installed in the upper floors. Some of these installations are still in place today (as of 2018), although they are no longer in operation - with the exception of the elevator. Grundig himself owned a suite on the 5th floor with several rooms and his own bathroom with a green artificial stone bathtub, which is also still preserved. His wife Chantal Grundig and his security guards/nannies each lived across from his suite in their own rooms. On the 4th floor, which could be reached directly from the 5th floor via a spacious spiral staircase, was a large fireplace and meeting room - with an adjoining kitchen. Today these rooms are used for events and meetings. Some of the furnishings have been preserved in their original condition, as a conscious decision by the new hotel management.

In May 2009, the end of Quelle AG was discussed and ultimately decided upon by the owners and investors in the meeting rooms on the 4th floor.

New opening 2018

In January 2018, the new manager was ready to take over the existing staff at the old conditions. Without much notice, the hotel reopened, now under the name Hotel Forsthaus Nuremberg Fuerth, on January 26, 2018. The new hotel manager is Alexander Peters, son of a gastronomy family from Nuremberg, who had already completed his training as a hotel manager with the Grundig Group at the Forsthaus Hotel.

Renovations and conversions since 2018

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Since the takeover in 2018:

  • New thematic orientation of the house
  • Renovation of the lobby area
  • Renovation and refurbishment of all F&B areas incl. outdoor facilities
  • Renovation and modernization of the wellness area
  • Realization of the beer garden "maxgarten" with children's playground
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March 2020-January 2021

  • Comfort rooms in the old building: complete renovation and new furnishings as well as renovation of the bathrooms, installation of air conditioning
  • Economy rooms in the new building: extensive cosmetic repairs and renovation of the bathrooms
  • Apartments in the new building: extensive renovation and new furnishings as well as renovation of the bathrooms
  • Realization of a fitness room in the former changing area
  • Realization of a 1-man show hairdressing salon in the shop window in the foyer
  • Beautification of the foyer, conservatory and other public areas.

2021 & 2022: to be continued…

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