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Geo Challenge

The Geo Challenge is a scavenger hunt for adults. Experience the fascinaon of searching for secrets, solving tasks, discovering clues and deciphering the big riddle at the end. Only through teamwork and cooperaon can the challenge be mastered.

Our guides prepare the terrain and place clues, tasks and riddles in a variety of places. The teams are equipped with a GPS receiver and briefed. Each group is accompanied by a guide, who somemes gives a small hint in case you need one. Further aids are the coordinates, a map and a specially prepared tour book. Let's go! Besides the ability to work in a team, intuion and curiosity, a sense of adventure and creavity are also required. Pure nature and team spirit on the trail.

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To this day, people are fascinated by archery, this sport provides maximum excitement, fun and enthusiasm. The string is tightened, the arrow catapults towards the target. Concentration on the essentials is the way to the goal.

Already the composition of the teams is a first step towards team building. If the teams are put together by our experienced event managers, random groupings are assigned that might otherwise never have formed. After the warm-up and test shooting, things get serious. Of course, all participants receive a detailed introduction to the handling of the bow from our guides. The hunting instinct is awakened, every hit counts, the team with the most points wins. To win, concentration and inner calmness are required, the focus must be on the target. The participants learn to believe in themselves and to trust in the team. The fun and good mood come naturally.

The event can also be held as "night archery" with torches and fires.

What else can you experience and do with us?

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