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Fuerth's historic town center is located to the east and south of the Rednitz and Pegnitz rivers, which flow together to form the Regnitz to the northwest of the old town. The Fuerth city forest begins to the west of the city next to our forester's lodge, with the city of Nuremberg bordering to the east of the city at roughly the same height. During your vacation with us, get to know the charming towns of Nuremberg and Fuerth with their numerous sights and shopping opportunities.

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Want to combine a stroll through boutiques, glass-fronted shopping arcades or department stores with a short sightseeing tour? This works particularly well in Nuremberg's city center. Here, shopping becomes a relaxed pleasure in a unique historical ambience.


Explore new and long-established, hidden and well-known (specialist) stores in Fuerth's old town. A wide range of products and competent customer service are the keywords for a shopping spree through Fuerth.

City Theater Fürth

Just 12 minutes from the Hotel Forsthaus Nürnberg-Fürth is one of Fürth's most magnificent buildings: the municipal theater at Königstraße 116. The famous Viennese architects Helmer and Felmer built this building in 1902 in the neo-baroque style. Reliefs of Mozart and Schiller, as well as busts of Wagner, Beethoven, Goethe and Lessing on the side fronts, stand for the program of the house and the educated bourgeois taste of the time.

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Jewish Museum Franconia

For centuries, Jews, Protestants and Catholics lived side by side in Fuerth. Fürth is therefore regarded as a shining example of tolerant coexistence. The Jewish Museum focuses not only on the history and culture of the Jews in Fuerth and Franconia, but also on the present and future. An interesting range of exhibitions, guided tours and city walks awaits you.

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Unlimited variety

In addition to the selected highlights, there are many other places to discover around the Forsthaus. Visit the websites of the cities of Nuremberg and Fürth and look forward to a varied selection of activities that will sweeten your visit to Franconia even more. Find out more about the cities of Nuremberg and Fuerth.